5 Steps to Clean Up Before Your Party

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5 Steps to Clean Up Before Your Party

January 23, 2017

So, you are having company over this weekend and you want to make sure your home is looking fresh! I completely understand that, I mean, you don’t want everyone to see what your house looks like after a busy month. Especially after this month, this month was super hectic, and finding time to clean was virtually impossible. Luckily for you, we have the perfect guide to help you streamline the process to get your home in tiptop shape!☺

Step 1

Go to the fridge and grab yourself a beer. If you don’t have beer, go get beer! If you don’t drink beer, get yourself some wine. If you don’t like wine, get yourself some liquor. If you don’t drink…water will suffice! I just wanted to cover the most important step first to ensure your safety. (Wouldn’t want you to get dehydrated!)

Step 2

Find some killer music to play! Now, when selecting your daily playlist, keep your neighbors in mind. Nobody wants to hear that gangbanger stuff that all the kiddos are listening to these days. So, use your head…. I know, you are about three beers deep right now and things are getting pretty “lit”. But, keep it cool!

Step 3

Make sure to stay social! Honestly, you might be pretty overwhelmed with this intensive cleaning routine. But, you still need to keep up with those daily tweets. I mean, seriously! You NEED to make sure you tweet at least 7 times. (8-12 would be better, but 7 will get the job done)

    Here are a few things you should tweet about:
  • What you are eating today
  • What you ate yesterday
  • How much you love the bachelor
  • Your weekly schedule
  • How many drinks you have had today

Step 4

Obviously you will need to check how many re-tweets you got. But, after you take an hour or so doing that, you will need to check the time. It’s probably around 10am now. So, you should probably turn on the view to catch the hottest new gossip. This is an absolute must! If you miss the view, all of your friends are going to think you’re an absolute loser. Joy and the girls always keep me in the loop, so, I always have something to talk about when I meet up with the squad! #Trending

Step 5

Now that you have realized you are probably never going to clean, you should go ahead and call a cleaning service. Just make sure you don’t get too drunk! Otherwise you will end up with a lame cleaning service that sucks. Nobody likes sucky lame cleaning services, but, there are plenty of totally awesome companies like Sudsy Buckets Cleaning! Just make sure to schedule your cleaning right now!

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